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Number of annual CSO events (system-level)

At an individual system level, this metric shows the number of times that the permittee's combined sewer system discharges a combination of sewage and stormwater into local water bodies on an annual basis. For cases like the North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA), which reports its combined sewer overflow (CSO) events by outfall, this metric reports the highest value, rather than the sum, of the events. This is because "events" refer to days of overflows, which can represent overflows across multiple outfalls, rather than instances of overflows at individual outfalls. Thus, to add up these numbers would not be accurate, as there may be overlap among the days of overflows reported for the various outfalls (e.g., With 60 events for outfall 1 and 70 events for outfall 2, perhaps 50 of these happen on the same day).

Note: More information about the CSO permits and the plans for all 24 permittees that submitted Long Term Control Plans (LTCPs) in October 2020 can be found here.

Data Source: CSO Long Term Control Plans

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