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Operating ratio, which compares operating revenues to operating expenses (state-level)

This metric shows the comparison or ratio of annual operating revenue to annual operating expense. Operating ratio does not include debt service, grants, loans or capital expenditures. To cover all operating expenses, the ratio needs to be at least 1.0, though a ratio of 1.5 or higher is desirable.

Operating ratio looks at the amount of revenue your system generates in a year relative to its costs. It’s important to recognize that because accounting practices vary, some systems will include depreciation as an operating expense, so the ratio of one system should be compared to the ratios of other systems with caution. But what is more important is whether an individual system is meeting accepted benchmarks for the ratio. This metric helps inform communities the degree to which their system is self-sufficient, which is critical to protecting public health and maintaining the system over the long term.

*There is no value for this metric yet due to insufficient data. Please see the corresponding system-level metric for the data that has been collected thus far.

Data Source: Survey

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