• Connecting You to New Jersey's Water

    Jersey WaterCheck supports the goal of solving New Jersey's water infrastructure challenges through accessible information.

    Jersey WaterCheck is an online dashboard that features data about the state’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, serving as the shared measurement tool for the Jersey Water Works collaborative. Ultimately, this tool was created to:

    • Help New Jerseyans understand our drinking water and wastewater systems.
    • Show how improved water infrastructure can enhance the health of our communities, rivers, and waterways.
    • Demonstrate how effective stormwater management can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

    Jersey WaterCheck compiles and presents the knowledge we need to improve New Jersey’s water infrastructure for individuals, communities, utilities, and our state’s leaders.

  • A Jersey WaterCheck Data Story

    Affordability stresses are not just an issue in historic urban centers, but occur in many suburban and rural towns as well.

  • Sustainable Jersey - Municipal Water Story

    You can use Jersey WaterCheck to help with earning this priority action.

    Are you a municipal town looking to define and prioritize your local water challenges through Sustainable Jersey’s Municipal Water Story action? To meet this action, municipalities need to collect data to create a narrative that describes their drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, and the role they play in defining and shaping the local environment. Jersey WaterCheck can be used as a direct resource in your data gathering efforts. Use the "System Finder" tab to navigate to the individual drinking water and wastewater system page, where you will find relevant information such as the source of drinking water, water bodies where treated wastewater is released, links to the utility websites, and consumer confidence reports.

With over 600 members, Jersey Water Works is an award-winning, collaborative effort of many diverse organizations and individuals who are working towards the common purpose of transforming New Jersey’s inadequate water infrastructure by investing in sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways; healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth. The collaborative advances its common purpose through shared goals and subgoals.