Welcome to Jersey WaterCheck's search tool — the System Finder.

You can use this to learn more about the water and wastewater systems that serve New Jerseyans.

The System Finder provides New Jersey consumers a direct link to their drinking water and wastewater providers. They can also search municipalities to view certain metrics, such as those related to green infrastructure. You can find individual systems by either interacting directly with the map or using the search bars shown alongside the map.

Navigating the Map

On the map below, each colored dot indicates a system. The larger grey circles with numbers indicate clusters of systems. Click on these circles to zoom in (or click on the + button in the toolbar in the upper left corner). Once you get to the level of the individual systems, click on a dot to see the system pop-up box. Then, click on “Learn more” to go to the system page.

Note: When a system's dot is clicked, its service area will appear shaded. For wastewater systems, the system's discharge location(s) will also appear as small red points.

Using the Search Bars

If you already know the name (or part of the name) of the system you want to find, start typing it into the “System Search” text box. If you don’t know the name of the system and/or you want to see all the systems that serve a particular municipality, type the municipality’s name into the “Municipalities Served” text box. In either case, a drop down list will appear and you can click on the appropriate system. Once you do, the map will refresh to show the relevant dot or cluster of dots. Again, you will need to click on the system dot to see the system pop-up box and then click “Learn More” to access the system page.

You can further filter your search by selecting a System Type (Water Only, Wastewater Only, Water & Wastewater, or Municipality) or System Size (Small, Medium, Large).

Water Only Wastewater Only Water & Wastewater Municipality Discharge Site