Jersey Water Works Shared Goals

This page shows you Jersey WaterCheck metrics organized by the four Jersey Water Works shared goals. Select a goal to see the metrics underneath it. Click on a metric to go to it on the Benchmark Hub.

Effective and Financially Sustainable Systems

Communities maintain and improve drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure systems to deliver quality water services that meet community needs. Operating budgets and capital investment are adequate and affordable, resulting in systems that operate efficiently and in a state of good repair.

1.2 Wise Management and Spending

State requirements, metrics and incentives along with utility policies ensure that utilities and departments implement water infrastructure asset management programs fully, with sufficient operating budgets and capital investments to deliver required and desired levels of service while minimizing life-cycle costs.

1.3 Adequate and Fair Revenue

Utilities and local governments raise the funds required to make appropriate capital investments and ensure proper operation and maintenance in a cost-effective, equitable manner that treats ratepayers fairly. Programs are authorized and established to ensure affordability. Stormwater utilities and stormwater fees are authorized statewide and widely implemented.