Florham Park - Drinking Water

Water, Wastewater Public Utility - Government owned and operated Est. Population Served: 10,830
Public Water System ID: NJ1411001
Associated Municipalities: Florham Park Borough
Drinking Water Sources: glacial sand and gravel
Note: Some systems may also purchase water from elsewhere. To find more information, look up your system in this NJDEP database here.
Water Bodies Where Treated Wastewater is Released: Not available.
The Borough owns, operates, maintains and repairs a potable water supply, storage and distribution system providing water to approximately 12,605 residents, business and large commercial facilities within the Borough’s 7.6 square mile borders. The Borough’s water supply system consists of three production wells that can draw up to 54,000,000 gallons of water from the Buried Valley Aquifer per month. The Borough has two water storage tanks that have a combined total storage of 1,250,000 gallons of water. Along with this, there is approximately 48 miles of water distribution piping, 485 Fire hydrants, 1250 water valves and 7 interconnections with other water purveyors. The Borough is also responsible for the installation, maintenance, and reading of 3,470 meter accounts.
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