East Orange Water Commission

Water Public Utility - Government owned and operated Est. Population Served: 64,400
Public Water System ID: NJ0705001
Associated Municipalities: East Orange City
Drinking Water Sources: glacial sand and gravel, basalt, Brunswick aquifer
Note: Some systems may also purchase water from elsewhere. To find more information, look up your system in this NJDEP database here.
We are committed to providing quality water and wastewater service to our customers. Mission Statement: To provide our customers the highest quality water obtainable with uninterrupted service. To utilize every safeguard possible to ensure the highest quality water and the health of our customers. To be prepared at all times to supply our customers with ample water for fire protection and sanitation. To produce water at the least possible cost to the consumer with only sufficient income to cover the East Orange Water Commission's operating and maintenance cost, with sufficient reserves to be set aside each year to cover depreciation, replacements, and such new capital developments as are necessary to uphold a high state of efficiency. As a self-sustaining department of the City of East Orange, the normal operation of the Water Commission will have absolutely no impact on the tax rate. If, through efficient and wise business management, a surplus above the requirements of the Commission develops, it will be provided to the consumers in the form of a reduction of their water rates.
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