Essex Fells Water Department

Water Public Utility - Government owned and operated Est. Population Served: 2,220
Public Water System ID: NJ0706001
Associated Municipalities: Essex Fells Borough
Drinking Water Sources: basalt, Brunswick aquifer, glacial sand and gravel
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The Essex Fells Water Department started in 1893, when the developers of Essex Fells were committed to having an adequate supply of good water for its residents. In August of 1920, the Borough of Essex Fells purchased the water system from the developer, which consisted back then of 6 wells, and a 1.75 million gallon open reservoir. Today, The Essex Fells Water Department has 16 wells, with 3 water storage tanks, totaling 2.8 million gallons, various interconnections, booster pumping stations, and transmission and distribution facilities a treatment facility and a main pumping station. We supply drinking water not only the customers of Essex Fells, but supply the towns of Roseland, Caldwell, North Caldwell, and the Hilltop portion of Verona with drinking water. The Water Department is a 7 day a week operation with three full time employees sharing rotating shifts to maintain and operate its facilities. We are tasked with various duties that include:
Maintaining and repairs of well pumps
Maintaining and repairs of water storage facilities
Maintaining and repairs to water mains
Maintaining and repairs to fire hydrants
Maintaining and repair of residential water meters
Reading of residential water meters for billing
Water sampling in accordance with NJDEP standards
The Water Department every year undergoes various Capital Projects to upgrade and improve the Water system, from replacing residential meters, to replacing water mains, and wells.
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