Trenton Water Works - Wastewater

Water, Wastewater Public Utility - Government owned and operated Est. Population Served: 82,508
NJPDES Permit ID: NJ0020923
Associated Municipalities: Trenton City
Drinking Water Sources: Not available.
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Water Bodies Where Treated Wastewater is Released: Delaware River Zone 2
The Trenton Sewer Utility protects the health of the public, Delaware River, and the surrounding Environment by providing the City of Trenton with dependable and efficient collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater, storm-water, and biosolids that are generated within the city daily. Trenton Sewer Utility houses a 20 mgd (million gallons/day) Wastewater Treatment Plant, treating both domestic and industrial sewage. It is a 24 hour/day, seven day/week operation. The plant must meet numerous State regulations. The City has 180 miles of sanitary sewer mains, and 5 sanitary sewer lift stations. Most of the lines are in the streets or alleys. Some run through utility easements in grassy areas. Each year, the City cleans approximately one-fifth of the City's sanitary sewer lines. Lines requiring a higher level of maintenance are cleaned more frequently. This routine maintenance helps to prevent blockages and backups.
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