Barnegat Township Water Utility

Water Public Utility - Government owned and operated Est. Population Served: 19,067
Public Water System ID: NJ1533001
Associated Municipalities: Barnegat Township
Drinking Water Sources: Kirkwood-Cohansey watertable aquifer system, Rio Grande water-bearing zone
Note: Some systems may also purchase water from elsewhere. To find more information, look up your system in this NJDEP database here.
Barnegat Township Utilities mission is to serve the people that live, work and visit our community. We take pride in our staff of trained professionals that continuously work to ensure that a safe supply of drinking water is available when you need it. The highest quality of drinking water and efficient wastewater disposal services are provided through the use of knowledgeable management principles, modern scientific practices and effective planning to maintain our infrastructure and safeguard public health while imposing minimal impact on our environment. All of the plans, improvements and system changes are developed in an effort to continue to meet or surpass all mandated Federal and State regulations and standards.
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