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Number of clicks to reach consumer confidence report on website (state-level)

This metric is outside of government requirements.

At an individual system level, this metric shows how many clicks it takes to access the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) from the home page on the utility website. The Consumer Confidence Report is an annual drinking water quality report required by the federal government, which community water systems are required to “mail or otherwise directly deliver” a CCR to each customer annually by July 1 annually. Community water systems serving more than 100,000 people are required to post the Consumer Confidence Report on a publicly accessible website. Fewer number of clicks indicates easier accessibility. Systems that do not have data for this metric may represent cases in which the CCR was mailed and not posted on the website.

Note: To specify, the number of clicks does not include hover selections in dropdown menus. The final click is the one that opens (or otherwise downloads) the document.

Data Source: Research

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