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What is the Condition of My System?

Receives funding from NJ or federal infrastructure programs (state-level)

At the state level, this metric shows the number of utility systems (drinking water and wastewater) that receive funds, including low-interest loans, from State or federal drinking water and wastewater infrastructure programs. Data was provided by the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (I-Bank) on both long-term loans and outstanding short-term construction loans which are converted to long-term loans upon project completion. Based on the I-Bank data, systems with no record of loans are counted as a "No." Additionally, systems with loans that closed before 2019 and without any active loans as of late 2020 are counted as a "No." All other systems are counted as a "Yes."

Note: Not all capital projects are eligible for federal/State funds, and not all eligible projects request funds or are funded if they apply, depending on fund availability. Systems can also finance capital projects using cash flow, special fees, or market-rate bonds.

Data Source: NJ Infrastructure Bank

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