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What is the Condition of My System?

Financial resilience measured as days cash on hand (system-level)

At the state level, this metric provides the average estimated number of days that New Jersey water/wastewater utilities can pay for average daily expenditures (including operation and maintenance expenses and taxes) with no revenue coming in. While it is highly unlikely that a utility would have no revenue, this metric helps utilities assess how well they can handle a sudden and dramatic reduction in revenue, such as the loss of a large customer or a moratorium on shutoffs in response to a global pandemic.

The formula used to calculate this value is: total unrestricted cash the utility has on hand divided by the average daily operating expense (not including depreciation).

Note: Government utilities, privately-owned utilities, and non-profit utilities may use different accounting standards when preparing their annual financial reports. As a result, comparisons of financial metrics between utilities should be made with caution.

*There is no value for this metric yet due to insufficient data. Please see the corresponding system-level metric for the data that has been collected thus far.

Data Source: Survey

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