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Estimated 20th percentile income of the service area (system-level)

At the system level, this metric shows the estimated 20th percentile household income of the system's service area. The 20th percentile income is the income for which 1/5th of the households in the service area earn less than that amount, or conversely, 4/5ths of the households in the service area earn more. Differences in this value indicate differences in the income distribution of the service area. For example, consider an area that has a 20th percentile income of $20,000 and another that has a 20th percentile income of $50,000. The former has relatively more low-income households compared to the latter, and these households will have a lower ability to afford water utility costs.

These demographic data can be helpful to understand disparities between service areas, in terms of affordability, revenue resiliency and needs for external funding.

Data Source: Census Bureau